Identifying Ice Dams

How to Identify an Ice Dam on your Roof

There are times when all your efforts are in vain as a result of failure. This does not only occur in academic or work environments, it could also apply in your house. People put in much effort into avoiding dams but this can’t be prevented at times. This is why you need to know what an ice dam is, how to identify it, and above all remove it so as to avoid damage to your roof.

Ice dams can form in situations where there is a freeze in the water of melting snow thereby turning it into ice. This is usually located at the end or edge of a roof line. There are other times when ice dams form in locations apart from the aforementioned one but this is based on the roof’s slope, style, and orientation. Ensure that you monitor the weather, as well as, your roof for signs.

A saw-tooth roof is the right choice for a home with a cathedral or vaulted ceiling. Despite its aerated design, it is not the best pick for areas with heavy snow. If it is used in an area with heavy snowfall, it will require frequent repairs.

During winter, it is advised that people have the best kind of roof in order to have less ice dams on their roofs. The best roofs during this period are not the most expensive. Stay safe in the best possible way by ensuring that your roof is dam free at all times. If you cannot do this by yourself, hire a contractor.

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