The Importance Of Roof Straps

Roof Straps For Your Home

In certain States where high winds and storms are a factor it is important to install roof straps to reinforce the roof structure to your home. No probably knows that better than they folks at Constructomax Roofing Contractors, located in Tampa Florida. Florida being among the most affected states when it comes to hurricanes, roof straps can make a big difference.

Constructomax has been Roofing Tampa for several years now and they were very busy during Hurricane Irma last year (2017). They spent a lot of time tarping roofs and reinforcing windows for their customers. in the aftermath they noticed many homes with ruined roof decks because they didn’t have straps.

“It would of saved them hundreds of dollars if they had simply installed those”. said the owner, “Instead of repairing shingles and maybe some flashing, we had to repair the roof decking and structures”.

What is a roof strap?

Basically in brings the roof beams in the far corners of your roof and attaches it to the corner beams of your home. Made of durable strong metal that can withstand winds up to a hundred miles an hour.

Simple to install with minimal cost it is a no brainer. Find a local roofer near you or if you are in Tampa contact Constructomax and have it installed. You will make your wallet happy and be more prepared for the next big storm.

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