The Importance Of Roof Straps

Roof Straps For Your Home

In certain States where high winds and storms are a factor it is important to install roof straps to reinforce the roof structure to your home. No probably knows that better than they folks at Constructomax Roofing Contractors, located in Tampa Florida. Florida being among the most affected states when it comes to hurricanes, roof straps can make a big difference.

Constructomax has been Roofing Tampa for several years now and they were very busy during Hurricane Irma last year (2017). They spent a lot of time tarping roofs and reinforcing windows for their customers. in the aftermath they noticed many homes with ruined roof decks because they didn’t have straps.

“It would of saved them hundreds of dollars if they had simply installed those”. said the owner, “Instead of repairing shingles and maybe some flashing, we had to repair the roof decking and structures”.

What is a roof strap?

Basically in brings the roof beams in the far corners of your roof and attaches it to the corner beams of your home. Made of durable strong metal that can withstand winds up to a hundred miles an hour.

Simple to install with minimal cost it is a no brainer. Find a local roofer near you or if you are in Tampa contact Constructomax and have it installed. You will make your wallet happy and be more prepared for the next big storm.

Identifying Ice Dams

How to Identify an Ice Dam on your Roof

There are times when all your efforts are in vain as a result of failure. This does not only occur in academic or work environments, it could also apply in your house. People put in much effort into avoiding dams but this can’t be prevented at times. This is why you need to know what an ice dam is, how to identify it, and above all remove it so as to avoid damage to your roof.

Ice dams can form in situations where there is a freeze in the water of melting snow thereby turning it into ice. This is usually located at the end or edge of a roof line. There are other times when ice dams form in locations apart from the aforementioned one but this is based on the roof’s slope, style, and orientation. Ensure that you monitor the weather, as well as, your roof for signs.

A saw-tooth roof is the right choice for a home with a cathedral or vaulted ceiling. Despite its aerated design, it is not the best pick for areas with heavy snow. If it is used in an area with heavy snowfall, it will require frequent repairs.

During winter, it is advised that people have the best kind of roof in order to have less ice dams on their roofs. The best roofs during this period are not the most expensive. Stay safe in the best possible way by ensuring that your roof is dam free at all times. If you cannot do this by yourself, hire a contractor.


Rain gutters serve the purpose of diverting water away from your home. This helps protect your home from landscape erosion and water damage. It is, therefore, important to notice if your gutters need replacement. Here are some of the reasons why it could be ideal time to replace your gutters.

  • Gutter cleaning helps prevent landscaping erosion.

When rain gutters get clogged, water can be sent into your landscaping and in turn damage your shrubs and plants. You should hire a professional or do it yourself regularly to ensure the gutters are clean. This will prevent further dips and soil erosion in your yard.

  • Proper gutter installation helps in pest control.

When water stagnates in the rain gutters, it provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These mosquitoes will create an unconducive environment for you in the outdoor.

  • Gutter replacement can help you stay dry.

If your gutters are well functioning, they will be able to keep water from rushing off the roof and over the entrances to your house. This will help you not get soaked when getting into the house during rain.

  • Don’t bow drives with proper gutter installation.

When you have rain gutters that don’t work properly, they can make puddles of water to break down concrete from the surface. This can result in bowing in your driveway.

  • Rain gutter maintenance prevents rotting fascia.

Fascia usually protects a house from severe weather and also prevents rodents from getting into the walls of your home. When rain gutters clog, and overfill, the wooden fascia easily gets exposed to water. The fascia starts to decay in a short while. Fascia replacement is not only costly but also time consuming.

  • Rain gutters provide a cleaner exterior.

When water running down your roof has nothing to stop it, it can hit the ground and create mad. The mad may splash against the sidings of your home and create a dirty look. You need to upgrade your gutter to prevent such a messy look and maintain a clean look of your exterior.

  • Rain gutters can prevent interior flooding.

Rain gutters that work improperly can be able to divert water away from your home. This could cause basement flooding which could result in costly repairs.